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Now 23 years on the Web - previously as

Truth for Healthy Living: This free public health service Web site & a retired clinical social worker offer unique truths very much needed to prevent & overcome the three most serious threats to healthy living in modern societies:


1. chronic hidden stress   2. nicotine smoking    3. obesity & overweight.


BOLD New Truths For the Motivation Needed to Gain Enough and Lasting Relief From Unhealthy Body Fat and For Overfat Prevention -

Love fuels my passion for helping to protect our children. Becoming better able to protect ourselves and children is the reason why it’s so important that we adults know this: Trustworthy research says that practically no matter what weight loss diet or exercise program we use to lose unhealthy pounds we have maybe one chance in 20 to lose enough of them. And we have even less of a chance to avoid finding again (weight cycling) much, most, or all of the fat. (If true, then why are weight loss diets and gym memberships so popular? Please continue reading.) Thankfully, I beat those odds and very much hope you’ll allow what I discovered to do the same for you.

BOLD New Truths isn’t a diet or weight loss program. It is a FREE determination-supercharging add-on to almost any way to safely gain or maintain relief from unhealthy excess body fat. BOLD New Truths helps to get you started and stay motivated. Perhaps even better, if already lean enough, this add-on helps to keep you that way.

Forty years of helping myself and 10,000 other adults, workbooks I wrote for us, many thousands of hours I spent studying and analyzing, and nearly 50 years in psychotherapy private practice taught me these health-protecting life-saving truths: 

  • Sooner or later, an always-young parent-like part of the human personality makes at least 74 percent of us chronically or repeatedly (weight cycle) weigh too much and accounts for, directly or indirectly, one in five US deaths.
  • Discouraging hidden messages, meta-communicated by just a few common words, (even the strongest of us can be more and sooner sensitive to their unhealthy influence) along with untrue hurtful attitudes, unwittingly taught by grownups, make and keep us overfat. Unavoidable language and early learning make us tell ourselves 22 unknown untruths, Fat Fibs.
  • In part by generating a growing subconscious fear of being lean enough and weight loss, those 22 largely-unconscious untrue beliefs (undeserved self-criticisms) attack and limit, constantly or periodically, our all-important determination to take in fewer and no more calories than we burn.
  • Diets and exercise are not popular because they give us what’s required to get free of (give away) enough excess body fat and keep it off or prevent becoming overfat. They are popular because the parent-like part of us is young—I promise NOT childish or immature—and so understandably inexperienced and honestly mistaken. We hope that weight loss diets and exercise will motivate us or serve as substitutes for motivation.
  • With my BOLD New Truths, a simple change in the words you use (self-talk) and listening to (see Podcasts below) truthful rebuttals to 22 unconscious (consequently, NOT your fault) Fat Fibs further strengthen your self-esteem and shift you safely to the most capable part of your personality. That ego-state unblocks your determination to do what you already know, or easily can find, that’s needed and safely works for you to get and/or keep your body strong and lean enough (the size of your waist is one-half, or a little less than, your height).
  • Extremely important for the younger folks you care about, you model healthy adult living. Crucially, you help them to avoid the discouraging influence of some common words and unlearn the 22 irrational beliefs that would force on them the serious threat from being too fat

Richard Terry Lovelace, MSW, PhD

Copyright 2019 Richard Terry Lovelace All rights reserved.



Stop-Smoking Simple-7 Steps Solution to finally end cigarette smoking The first and free online self-help with the actual or root cause of unhealthy smoking  Tells simply and completely how to quit using nicotine without adding weight, stress, and more drugs  Based on personal experience of heavy smoking, successfully quitting, and then 40 years of clinical health care experience and study.


Stress Audio-Book Free to Download Stress & Its Moods Mastery Marking the 30th anniversary of the mainstream international publication of STRESS MASTER with the strong intent to help heal the post traumatic stress suffered by men and women in service to our citizens and country  Offers proof of and lasting relief from the hidden stress first exposed by the author of and explained in STRESS MASTER  Chronic or ongoing hidden stress is likely the most physically dangerous ... understandably, it's difficult to get ourselves to deal with what's unknown to us  Persistent hidden stress, sometimes combined with obvious stress, is the root or real cause of hurtful, painful unhealthy depression, anger and anxiety.

  • Politically correct UNTRUTHS risk your health and happiness in order to take or waste your money. Every day those commonly promoted lucrative lies attack your self-esteem and foster unknown (to you) health risk denial. They mislead you and people you love now and will someday.
  • This Web site's politically incorrect FACTS build the confidence required to be or stay free of nicotine (without getting fat) and to reduce ongoing stress and overweight safely and as much as you want.

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How can a not-for-money Web site offer free articles, e-books, and self-tests that tell facts and solutions you'll find no where else?
  1. Smoking,
  2. stress and
  3. overweight interact and each threat shines a unique light of understanding on the others and on something extremely important and, until now, largely unexplained: health risk denial. Link to our test for that denial.

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