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Lucille Sawyer Harris, the beloved wife and best friend of Carl Vernon Harris, passed away on August 2, 2014. See

Wake Forest University Department of Music article tells about Lucille passing.

Truth for Healthy Living dedicates this Web site to the life, lessons and love of Carl Vernon Harris, PhD. This teacher and dear friend believed in and talked about the "ripple effect" that this Web page respectfully intends to help keep going.

The first offering is a 2009 recorded interview with Dr. Harris about his life and work.  If you have trouble with that link, here is a backup. A much-loved friend of Carl and Lucille (hear her interview), Ms. Sharon Snow, is largely responsible for that recording being done by and for the Wake Forest University Library in Winston-Salem, NC. It is a little over one hour in length.

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New additionCarl Vernon Harris Sings Hymns in 1997

Thank you Paul Sinal for sharing this treasure.

Dr. Carl Vernon Harris,

Professor Emeritus

Eve Andrews contributed this photo

Inside WFU article telling about Carl's passing

"To live is to love."

Dr. Harris' book,

Origen of Alexandria's Interpretation of the Teacher's Function In the Early Christian Hierarchy and Community

December 29, 1922  -  August 9, 2011


Memorial Service Program



Lucille Sawyer Harris and Carl Vernon Harris

Carl and Lucille Harris in 1957

Carl Harris and his mother

1970 Photo album of Carl and Lucille's trip to Greece and Turkey

Lucille Harris taught piano at Wake Forest University for 34 years

2009 Interview with Lucille Sawyer Harris done for the Wake Forest University Library. Click here if you have trouble with that link.

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See below Wake Forest University certificates of appreciation given to Carl and Lucille