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    Facts revealed by licensed clinicians to help do far more than just "stop" smoking, dipping, chewing tobacco for nicotine

Nicotine Dependence Relief and Recovery (NDRR): A Complete, Candid but Respectful Answer to Our Nation's Most Deadly and Costly Addiction

Only dependence on nicotine can put someone into such deep denial that he inhales enough foul-smelling smoke to do serious harm to himself while risking the health or happiness of everyone who depends on him. That substance addiction is the root cause of the chronic and binge smoking that are major contributors to several deadly illnesses.

Nicotine Dependence Relief and Recovery is believed to be the first stop-smoking, dipping and chewing tobacco program that offers help with the root cause of the chronic and binge nicotine use that is the root cause of 80-percent of U.S. drug-hastened preventable deaths. Our country now puts nearly 100-percent of dependence-knowledgeable efforts into 20-percent of the overall drug disaster.

Out of 59.9 million U.S. cigarette smokers, each year an estimated one-third attempt to quit. A 2006 government report on research says that only 6-percent remain stopped for more than one month. (http://www.addictioninfo.org/articles/1138/1/Tobacco-Addiction/Page1.html) Even those few are unlikely to be entirely free of nicotine: the essential requirement for recovery. Withdrawal along with unhealthy replacing and having hardly any up-front insights and ongoing support contribute to that almost 100-percent rate of relapse.

Employers limit or prohibit tobacco use at work. They already understand that more is needed to meaningfully reduce insurance and other significant costs. Adults who smoke and their employers welcome a cessation service that's tested, brief, inexpensive, answers their likely concerns (discomfort/withdrawal, stress, weight) and is provided by a licensed health care clinician.

This program primarily works by reducing health risk denial to release the strong and lasting motivation needed to end using nicotine. It does that by repeatedly and truthfully answering the nine untrue and unknown when thought attitudes of chronic and binge users. Most of NDRR's simple solution is to build and keep willpower by listening daily for three weeks to recorded safe self-hypnosis with original "truthful suggestions" that sufficiently extinguish those "nicotine notions."

Nicotine Dependence Relief and Recovery is a specialized (nicotine), dependence-knowledgeable lifestyle health promotion program for individuals, couples and groups of adults 25 and older. The program is taught in one (up to two hours) psycho-educational session (economical; insurance unnecessary) and includes ongoing support from licensed behavioral health clinicians who are authorized to lead. Those program leaders assist adults to attain and maintain, without harmful substituting and adding excess weight, abstinence from the highly addictive drug, nicotine.

This unique life and money-saving program isn't meant to be combined with a stop-smoking drug or nicotine-based replacements for tobacco and smoking. The addicting substance rather than its usual source (tobacco) or most common delivery method (cigarette smoking) is the pivotal health and life-risking factor. Gaining and maintaining sobriety, avoiding nicotine intoxication, and healthy recovery require total non use. That uncomplicated answer is complete enough to stand alone. It includes its own healthy way to deal with craving and excess appetite.

Why bother to get assistance with the root cause of smoking: nicotine dependence? Won't most people decide to and stop sooner or later without any help . . . go cold turkey? That is the untruth advocates for nonexistent "smokers' rights" (once addicted, smoking stops being simply a conscious choice) would have us believe. The truth is that those smokers don't stop as much as they replace. That's called addiction symptom substitution or transfer.* Smokers more often switch to comfort foods, overeating or abusing alcohol. They unwittingly self-medicate and swap one major health threat and drain on their and our financial resources for another. Nicotine Dependence Relief and Recovery helps avoid unhealthy replacements.

NDRR's author: Richard Terry Lovelace, PhD, MSW, ACSW, LCSW, has provided, for 40 years, rapid nicotine cessation interventions to individuals and couples who smoked. He led approximately 1,000 single-session, self-hypnosis stop-smoking groups – using content and handouts he created or developed – primarily for company employees and through the American Lung Association-NC. Certain that the lives and financial futures of a great many children are at stake, Dr. Lovelace's NDRR program is still respectful, especially of smokers, but exceedingly candid . . . straightforward and politically incorrect.

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Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved. Nothing here constitutes an endorsement of anyone leading part or all of the program Nicotine Dependence Relief and Recovery. This and all other Truth for Healthy Living website content are intended solely for educational purposes and are only the research findings and/or clinical insights of Richard Terry Lovelace, PhD, MSW and not Winston Clinical Associates. None of that content is meant to promote any other program or clinical addiction specialists. Dr. Lovelace is not licensed or certified as one or beholding to them. He is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) who has for nearly 40 years cared about and helped adults addicted to nicotine: absolutely our most deadly addiction. Complete notice. Thank you.