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Simple-7 Solution to Stop Smoking Free Help With the Root Cause

Truth for Healthy Living announces giving away its Simple-7 Stop-smoking Program. The site's sponsor hopes this will begin making up for there being too little appropriate help available for dependence on nicotine: America's most often disabling and deadly drug. Even more importantly, he wants to motivate non smokers to begin helping.

Winston-Salem, NC - April 30, 2007 Beginning today, Truth for Healthy Living is giving free unrestricted Web access to its Simple-7 Stop-smoking Program. It takes a unique dependence-appropriate approach that reduces subconscious causation and risk denial in order to increase smokers' determination to stop permanently. Smokers accomplish that using a simple form of self-hypnosis to cancel out a previously unknown group of nicotine notions. Click here and go directly to that Simple-7 Program.

Appropriate Assistance Needed

Free access is being offered as a public health service and to promote offering "appropriate assistance" to cigarette smokers. "The best help deals directly with the root cause of all unhealthy smoking," says Dr. Richard Lovelace. "To date, America's non smokers have provided very little that attacks that cause: nicotine addiction. Little wonder the relapse rate of trying-to-quit smokers is nearly 100-percent." (The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports * that only about 6 percent of people who try to quit are successful for more than a month.) "And the few who do stop," says Lovelace, "often suffer from symptom transfer or substitution. Because they have no chance for recovery, they have no obvious option but to replace with unhealthy chronic psychological stress, overweight, and alcohol use."

The Root Cause of All Unhealthy Persistent Smoking

Convinced that the lives and financial futures of a great many of our children are at stake, Lovelace is outspoken. "If you Web search for the cause of smoking that persists despite wanting to quit," this retired clinical social worker asserts, "instead of what you need to know to help protect children you'll be told that the cause of several major illnesses is cigarette smoking. But the truth is that no one smokes enough cigarettes and long enough to risk doing serious injury unless he or she is dependent on nicotine. Substance addiction is the root cause of all persistent or chronic smoking and those very serious illnesses."

"In addition to and much more than physical need and some conditioned behaviors, a group of nine attitudes having to do with smoking is the pivotal part of nicotine dependence," believes Dr. Lovelace. "Nicotine notions block the sufficiently powerful will, motivation or commitment, of smokers to safely stop using nicotine and for good."

Non Smokers Have the Same Toxic Denial of Causation and Risk  

"Those hidden poisonous attitudes deprive non smokers," asserts Lovelace, "of the degree of compassion they must have to provide and support offering appropriate help to smokers." Non smokers have the same group of nine ideas Dr. Lovelace discovered, tested, and confirmed over a period of 40 years and named "nicotine notions." He explains, "When I tell intelligent and knowledgeable non smokers that nicotine addiction is by far the most serious threat ... it causes four times more U.S. preventable deaths than alcohol and illicit drugs combined, they unknowingly deny that it's serious enough to warrant providing the best help. They honestly but mistakenly express, for example, the false belief that smoking is a bad habit."

Dr. Lovelace urges non smokers to complete his easy 12-item test to investigate whether or not they subconsciously have toxic denial. Like the Web site's articles, all of its lifestyle health tests are free and provided without any strings attached.


* Previous links to the NIDA report were broken at least twice. Dr. Lovelace doesn't know but suspects that the pharmaceutical industry applied pressure to have the information moved to make it difficult to find. In case the link provided above doesn't work, he put his printed copy of that important report here.

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