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"This program gives the missing engine (power source) that two-thirds of adults surveyed already know is needed."

"It is the first bodyweight willpower program. I've spent the past 31 years developing and testing it in the real world."

"I know it works."


Bodyweight Relief and Prevention

Weight-Loss Motivation, Exercise and Diet Willpower in 2 Simple to Get and Use Audio Tracks

and Fully-Illustrated e-Workbook

  • More than anything else, listening to the audio tracks makes this program work.
  • After reading the book, you will know what you were told before that misled you and you need to ignore. Most importantly, you will know the 22 truthful LEAN-answers you need to follow.
  • Printing the entire book (workbook) makes using the program simple.
  • Weight-Loss Motivation and Overweight Prevention Advantages

    Early Praise for Bodyweight Relief

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    When you are willing to help enhance how easily it responds to the needs of my patients, workshop clients and other self-help readers, click here for complete access to the Bodyweight Relief program e-workbook.

    All Audio Tracks (More than anything else, they make this program work.)

    Some of many bodyweight relief and excess body fat prevention advantages:

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    Early Praise

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    Say, “I’m doing the ‘avoid talking about it’ program.”

    Word of mouth - especially a public endorsement by a celebrity - sells weight-loss books, products or services. But after a while ... each time someone talks about how she or he did it (lost weight) that weakens her resolve. One of the ways is by opening the door to the "subtle sabotage" that’s rampant and people almost never recognize.

    Says Dr. Lovelace, “I urge all adults to respond to questions about what they’re doing to get rid of the pounds with something like, ‘I’m doing the avoid talking about it program.’ It isn’t their responsibility to help promote my or anyone else’s work.”

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